Can radio surgery be done in this pt.

Can radio surgery be done in this pt.



Dr Dalal is the ideal person for answering this.The discription is suggestive of CP angle Schwannoma. GKRS shows exellent result and minimally invasive.Mass is big ,compressing the adjacent structures with hydrocephalus.Surgery vs Gamma knife radiosurgery ,ref to Dr Dalal .

Thank you ma'am.

radiosurgery for cp angle schwanmoma is offered only for a lesion less than 2.5 cms size, no compressive signs and symptoms..not for such a huge tumor.. gamma knife doesn't dissolve the just prevents its further growth, but atleast 50%may require surgery later

@Dr. Yashesh Dalal @Dr. Manorama Rajan

Better to go with neurosurgery not radiosurgery

I think so

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