Cannabis use leads to severe dyspnoea

Chief Complaint A 63 year old male presents with cough, severe dyspnoea & chills for 10 days. Chest x-ray shows basilar infiltrations. Treatment for pneumonia was started, 2 days later he presents with respiratory failure with hypoxia & was put on ventilator. History Patient has h/o asthma & diabetes. He was a chronic smoker 30 years back. Investigations CT shows b/l ground-glass opacities. All his investigations were pointed towards hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Patient also revealed cannabis use. Diagnosis What are your comments? Treatment Advise the management plan.


Pure case of sarscov2 with use of canabis Do RT PCR clia canabis toxicity if any reduce doses Admit ddimer il6 if high cytoxomic syndrome inj tocilizumab 3 days Oxygen Antibiotics antiviral lmwh steriod

Co2 retention with respiratory failure 2 D dimer test Covid 19 test After this confirm that pneumonia is due to viral or covid 19 pneumonitis

Antibodies and Antigen test to sarscov2 Injection Tocilizumab X 3days Oxygen therapy Antiviral Antibiotics and Vitamins supplements should be given


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