Case discussion

Female pt of age 52 yrs C/o Dry cough Shortness of breath Chest pain and weakness All symptoms since 10 days H/o Fever 5 days ago treated. ESR -55 /hr Hb -14 gm Covid antigen test negative Chest x-ray report attached No history of previous Bronchial asthama, or any major illness




Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy No Details Case History Women. Spot Picture Since X- Ray Chest PA View Vascular Marking Both Side Lung. C/O Women Dry Cough shortness of breath Chest Pain and weaknesses All Symptom Since 10 day. Gastritis Problem Contripated Tendency Rx Nuxvom 30, Bryonia Alb 200 is Best. ESR High Gain. Require Investigation *Mantoux Test. *Spotum For AFB.

Bronchoscopy is advised for ruling out kochs infection or some kind of cancerous cells. Primafacie, seems a case of ill attempted treatment of Pneamonia. After bronchoscopy, a proper treatment could be suggested.

Rx Bryonia 200/3dose Ars.alb 30 /tds for one week

Covid 19 infection confm on chest X Ray

Bryonia Alb 30 4 hours interval

Emphysema with cardiomegally



Symptoms are since 10 days only

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