Case of adenocarcinoma

Chief Complaint A 47 y/o female presented with ascites and abdominal pain. Investigations The serum CA-125 antigen level was 7500 IU/l. Investigations show papillary adenocarcinoma involving the peritoneal cavity. Treatment 2 cycles of Platinum-based chemotherapy was done & CA-125 antigen decreased to 159 IU/l. But after 2 months it again increased to 668 IU/l. No tumor mass was found on investigations. Now what is your opinion on the case?


Known case of carcinoma of ovaries with peritoneal metastasis PET CT for evaluation of spread of disease It disease is localised to peritoneal cavity, then based on peritoneal cancer index (PCI) - plan for total hysterectomy with peritoniectomy with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) For Ovarian Cancer It is associated with potential cure of few patients of ovarian cancer with peritoneal metastasis

Adenocarcinoma treat on the ines of adhog raktapitta. Even folowing Ulcerative colitis line of treatment will provide some upshaya to patient. 1): Bilwadi+ mocha ras + kapithastak + amrita satva + kutaja ghan satva: 2 tsp BD A/F 2): Bola Badha ras + kutaja ghan vati + mahasankh vati: 1 each BD B/F 3): Bilwadi ghrita along with vasa swarasa: 1 tsp OD

Adenocarcinoma peritoneal cavity with CA 125 raised suggestive of advancing disease Palliative therapy decreased the markers but lesion can resurge again as seen fro second rise in CA 125 Think of chemoradiotherapy


Carcinoma of ovaries probebaly adenocarcinoma With peritoneal metastasis

ca ovary with abdominal metastasis plan for total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salphingo oophorectomy followed by radiotherapy