Case of artery aneurysm

Chief Complaint A 61 y-o female was referred for a pulmonary artery aneurysm. Vitals BP- 120/70 mmHg, HR- 65 beats/min, RR- 19 breaths/min, Temp- 98.4 F. Examination Physical exam was normal. Investigations ECG shows normal sinus rhythm with left bundle branch block. Echocardiogram shows normal left ventricle. Right atrium and ventricle were dilated. MRI shows 45*50 mm aneurysm of the PA. Treatment Now what is your advice on mx?

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Treatment can be either conservative or surgical. Surgical repair is recommended if the aneurysms are large, > 6 cm, or if they are symptomatic, regardless of the size, because the risk of rupture or dissection is high in the case of symptoms.

STROKE WITH ANEURYSM as aneurism is taken care of with stent the rest is to be managed. ashwagandha is the drug of choice for reconstruction of neurons along with brahmi vati with gold and abhrak sahastra puti sat giloya can be started initially

Pulmonary artery aneurysm 45 to50 mm dilatation of artery If more then6 cm then surgical otherwise symtomatic

Needs further investigation and evaluation required. Constant evaluation required to go for surgical repair.

Thanks Dr Sandeep Ghodekar

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For rt ventricular and atrial enlargement refer pt to CTVS

Age is 61. One should go for surgery with Cardio thoracic surgeon.


In aneurysm, repair or stent may b helpful..

Conservative Management Surgical Management in case of Aneurysm size >5.5cm

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