Case of Ptosis in one eye since 3 years female, 12 yrs no other complaint generals normal with desire of salty things mentally she is calm, quite, reserved menses- irregular Doctors can we treat this condition?




Ptosis TREATMENT FOR MANYANUANUSTAMBA: 1)Trayodasanga guggulu tab 2+2 2) Ekangaveera ras tab 1+1 3)Cervilon cap 1+1 for c5-c6 degenaration purpose 4) R-compound tab 1+1 5)Vathanthaka syp 2tsp twice daily 6)Balashwagandha thailam +vathasamana tailam (vst oil Avp compeny). ......Avoid brinzal,lady finger ,fish , france, drum sticks,potatoo

For Ptosis Levator Muscle Resection Surgery Is Needful..

Better to take Opinion from ENT

Needs expert opinion.

we can't treat such cases on OPD level. better to refer to ophthalmologist.

Ptosis.. N. M can work nicely Along with give nepthalinum 3x

Take Opthalmologists opinion .

Causticum 30

Try it, Difficult case, last option surgery, Constitution remedy,

I agree with dr@Pravesh Kumar

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