Cavitation in right lobe of lung.. Lobectomy specimen.. 60yr male..



Mam slides show presence of broad aseptate fungal hyphae with irregular and occasional branching at 90 degrees Impression Mucormycosis Advice special stains for fungal demonstration GMS , PAS Thanku

Respected madam, thanks for the enigmatic post. MICROSCOPY: Stained section shows eosinophilic proteinaceous material admixed with many broad, non-septate [Cenocytic], thin walled, pleomorphic hyphae with irregular, non-parallel contours with right angle branching [90 degrees]. Since the hyphae have little structural stability, they are often folded, twisted, wrinkled, or collapsed. There is dispersed brown pigment.No evidence of malignancy in the images studied. IMPRESSION : LOBECTOMY, RIGHT LUNG : SUGGESTIVE OF ZYGOMYCETES, MUCORMYCOSIS. SPECIAL STUDIES : Special stains with PAS or GMS can be used to highlight the organisms and allow a clear assessment of themorphology. DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS : Aspergillus : Thinner, septate, with regular branching and they branch at acute angles [45 degrees as opposed to 90 degrees]. Thank you very much madam, Best regards.

Respected madam.... Section shows broad Septate hyphae(ribbon shaped) with 90 degree branching at some Places.... Most probably it's mucormycosis.... But I can see scattered brownish pigment also..... And if it's not formalin pigment then such morphology with pigment leads to Chromoblastomycosis.... Advice: special stains.... Gms, pas

I would go with mucormycosis.

*Fungal ball,composed of Mucormycosis.Advised GMS stain & Testing for HIV.

the sections from lung show broad aseptate brabching ribbon like hyphae of fungus without budding along with prominent rust-brown pigmentation. IMPRESSION.. fungal infection-mucormycosis ADVICE Special stains for fungus, PAS N GMS

fungal granulomatous lesion... Mucormycosis most likely to be confirmed with PAS stain

Section shows broad hyphae n branching with mild granulation tissue formation,n inflammation, findings r in favour of fungal etiology probably mucormycosis. Adv- special stain GMS n PAS

Pulmonary koch's.

fungal infection- lung

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