Like some syrups, can tablets and capsules be flavor coated?


Usually tablets and capsule are not flavour coated because many of them are enteric coated Our layer of these Capsule protect content from acid in stomach, and releases content in small intestine If they are flavour coated, many people may chew it, and release content in mouth or stomach - this the purpose of enteric coating will be lost
If this will start ,patient will not swallow at once...theu will involve in sucking the flavour or taste ...and on real taste they will spit like chewing gum...
Some of dispersing formulations and Sublingual presentation are flavoured But it is not common practice nor feasible
As we know bitter taste good then other flavors bcoz it can be coated but more nauseous
Yes possible sugar coated tabletare available beplex forte capsule dragees available
Yes can be no harm
Yes. I think

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