pt.complain of spontaneous bleeding from diabetes and hyperthyroidism.I prescribed antibiotic and local application of ointment. Please suggest treatment plan.

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supragingival scaling followed by subgingival scaling after 5 to 7 days to reduce inflammation,along with metrogyl dg topical application ,ask patients to maintain hygiene strictly,if lateral incisor is grade 3 mobile,extract it(take iopa also to see bone support.) after reducing gingivitis go for root planing n curettage by checking bsl,pre n post operative antibiotics r necessary covering aerobic n anaerobic bacteria,also check for period endo lesions.
Pt has got hirsutism apart from the gum and dental problems. T2DM HTN Hirsutism Periodontitis Gingival Hypertrophy. Control Metabolic parameters before any dental procedures.
hii you should extract both lower central and laterals and make fpd also do scalling whole upper and lower arch......give him curenext gel 4 gum massage after scalling
That's a case of Chronic Periodontitis. I find gingival Hypertrophy, R/O h/o Amlodipine for HTN. Immediately stop Amlodipine. Remaining treatment, you know better.
its a straight way case.... go for full mouth subgingival scaling n thn go for extrction of rt centrl incisor n also go for opg for checking out periodontal bone support..... as the photo suggest
Bledding is due to inflammation dats due to chronic periodontits... lots of local scaling. it will subside. topical application will also benefit
lower central are grade 2moblie u should give periodontists treatment otherwise remove both tooth and then after give treatment and give crown
in such case kindly rake precaution by wearing gloves even during examination and also consider diagnostic for HepB and HIV
Gingival hypertrophy Oral prophylaxis Root planning Ointment OPG Restoration qad 17,37 Mouthwash Gingival enlargment
iopa or opg for bone loss...scaling n root planing ...n o2 or cefx-o as antibiotics
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