Emergency management for accidentally kerosene ingestion by child.

Its one of the common poisoning in our region. Due to tendency of people to keep it in coco cola bottles in their. N mainly the children gets confused n drink it. Its a hydrocarbon n they usually cause gastritis n chemical pneumonitis. Don't do gastric lavage. Its contraindicated. Give inj rantac inj cefotaxime . Monitor vitals. No need to rush to give oxygen n admitting in ICU. If the child remains stable for 12 to 24 hrs can b sent home. I have come across cases where the child was alright initially but developed pneumonia later. Hydrocarbons lead to atelectasis decrease the function of surfactants. N allow bacteria to grow. Usually there's a good recovery rate.
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Kerosene ingestion is most common of accident al 1.As it’s Hydrocarbon, kerosene maybe inhaled or aspirated after vomiting——->Aspiration or Chemical Pneumonia, which depends upon its volatility,viscosity,surface tension CXR indicated within 12 hrs of ingestion,sometimes effects of hypoxia & parenchyma involument may lead to, lethargy,ataxia,seizures, coma, metabolic acidosis Acute tubular necrosis Management 1.No Gastric lovage or emesis adviced for fear of aspiration 2.Antibiotics for sec.Bacterial infect 3.Adequate O2 is imp, 4.Follow up for any worsening Pneumonia 5.sSupportive Rx &Airways/Breathing/Cardiac Stabilisation.
Tq.dr.Ashish kumar
NG tube aspirations iv antibiotics nil orally xray chest if hydropneumothorax refer to icu

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