child 4 years leison over rt. foot only itching oozing since 6 months pl. dx. and Rx.


Eczematous dermatitis infected Rx. 1. Amoxyclav 625mg twice daily for 10days 2. Steroid + antibiotic cream application topically three times a day. 3. Hydroxizine 25mg bid for itching is present

Eczematous dermatitis

Tinea pedis

Eczematous dermatitis


Tinea pedis

ECZEMA. Identify the cause and advise.

Infected eczema

@Dr. Umesh Shrivastava -LSC with secondary infection

Dermatophytosis. Rx Lotion. Terbinafine Apply twice daily. For 6-8 wks. Even if patch disappears. And Syp. CT/LCT To controller itch. Plz don't Rx any steroids. Thank you.

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