Child with acute febrile illness with this this type of tongue - comments.



Acute Febrile illness, with congestion of tongue, it is called "STRAWBERRY TONGUE ". STRAWBERRY TONGUE IS SEEN IN KAWASAKI DISEASE. Work up for K.D. as it causes CORONARY HEART DISEASE, & at times it is fatal, if not treated in time with IVIG. D/D : ANY FEBRILE CONDITION S SCARLET DISEASE.

look for cervical lymphadenopathy, conjunctival injection, rash and high grade fever. get a 2d echo for coronary artery dilatation Kawasaki disease and treat with ivig


Strawberry Tongue in kids-Scarlet Fever...: Strep Throat... Kavasaki disease.. if having lymphnode enlargement...!!

Strawberry tongue Could be due to Kawasaki disease Scarlet fever

strawbery tongue . but wat condition does it appear?

detailed history needed DD viral exanthema SJ syndrome TSS JRA. KD. but keeping in mind the CAL lesion can be fatal .we should do complete workup CBC ,ESR ,crp ,ECG and echo .

strawberry tongue. scarlet fever

Chronic stomatitis.

strawberry tongue.rule out Kawasaki dis. seen in scarlet fever also

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