Helps treat COVID-19 or not ? Read on to learn latest research and brush up the basics



Thanks for sharing. Without any scientific evidence or research no extra medicine in any disease started like US president and fee others insisted for HCQ and every body know the result so many precious life had been lost due to heart ailments and Cq has it advantage and disadvantages so in COVID 19 it will be harmful .

Thanks Dr Sabista Naaz

Chloroquinne not used in covid 19 now since it prolongs qt interval.To start with HCQ was being used and found useful but lateron due to heart ailment presence it is not used nowdays.

Thanks for sharing Stopped for malaria Rx covered 50 percent of cases but you can't write off


But sir, as a prophylactic treatment taking weekly it looks effective with minimum side effects.

It will help as PLACEBO.

Thanks for sharing

Gud post

Nice information, it should be useful but without any evidence should not be given.

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