chronic ulcer over right shoulder 6 month... biopsy from ulcer margin 42 female


Squamous lining with ulceration, exuberant granulation tissue formation and foreign body giant cell reaction noted. Advised rebiopsy from representative lesional site & special histochemical stains.

Chronic granulomatous lesion Sug.clinical correlation Tb igra ... GENXPERT TB from the tissue

Ulcer with chronic granulation tissue Take another bit from ulcer for TB PCR.

1. Exuberant granulation tissue with giant cell reaction 2. Abundant neutrophils (rule out fungal infection by PAS or Silver stain)

Chronic granulation tissue

Chronic granulomatous inflammation

Granulomatus infn CBNAAT for T.B sugg.

ulcer with foreign body giant cell reaction

Granulation tissue

?Chronic granulomatous lesion

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