Classical lesions not only on abdomen, but also on thighs ,buttocks and lower back


Tinea corporis et cruris Itraconazole 200mg with levocetirizine 5mg OD in the morning Ketoconazole 200mg with Hydroxyzine 25mg at night for 10 days than Itraconazole 200mg OD and Hydroxyzine 25mg OD for 20 days Multivitamins Antioxidant OD for 10 days Terbinafine 250mg OD every 3rd day Luliconazole ointment twice daily

Tinea Corporis and Tinea Cruris.

Tinea corporis.

tinea corporis cap itraconazole 100 mg od-4-6wks tab avil 25 mg hs clotrimazole oint ketoconazole soap loose clothing avoid alcohol

Classical picture of tinea corporis n cruris.

Tinea corporis

Tinea corporis.. cotrimazole ointment, ketosoft for bath, fluconazole 150 mg once week for four week

tinea corporis

tinea corporis

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