Clinical Approach to a Patient with Cough

Based on the duration of cough and the varoius etiologies, evaluation of a patient with cough is dependent on a thorough H&P, looking for any red flag signs, and further evaluation of these symptoms. Please share your opinions on the differentials for cough......




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I agree with Dr Shivraj Agarwal because he discussed all in detail.

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Cough is primary symptom and most distressing as not only disturbs quality of life but socially alarm also rings Yes very well described the cough a/w aetiology It could be viral It could be bacterial and associated pulmonary illnesses It could expulmonary aetiology also like GERD URTI Pharyngo-laryngeal reflux PSYCOSOMATIC Hence it needs a deep insight to understand about cough and its aetiology so as to choose a right line of treatment Measure illnesses like bronchogenic ca or tuberculosis or bronchiactesis or fibrosis or associated cardiopulmonary conditions you need to understand Duration of cough Ntaure of cough Character of cough Colour and contents of sputum This common knowledge and deep insight of single symptom can help in diagnosis and mx Hence i will suggest everyone should not only read but follow in their day today practice.

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