Complications of IV Cannula. Blister followed by Abscess followed by Deep infected wound



Send swab for c/s Debridement Emperical antibiotics Regular dressings Healthcare providers can easily avoid such incidences by adhering to simple and cost effective protocols like: Hand wash before cannula insertion Donning sterile gloves Using aseptic technique during procedure Regular monitoring the cannula site for signs of inflammation,tenderness or infection,if present immediately removing the cannula Cleaning the hub of cannula with alcohol swab before administering medication through it. Flushing the cannula before and after administering medication. Removing the cannula after 72-96hrs These protocols can prevent increasing the length of stay,reducing the cost of therapy and can prevent worsening the primary disease.

Exactly doc. Thanku so much

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The only answer is to clear infection by Doing repeated culture and sensitivity,get healthy granulation tissue,and go for skin graft. Pt. Has been recieving negligent care it could be his own fault by visiting different doctors.

A wound debraidment can be considered if there is no improvement n if there is progressing oedema...will need an X-RAY of the hand to rule of bone involvement... silver dressing or VAC can also be tried

Normally i reserve ionised Silver dressings for Pseudomonas infections. Find pH of wound. If acidic (normally seen) wash with 20ml Saline + 1 pinch of Soda bicarb copiously. Apply vaseline gauze ( Bactigras) oint and close dressing. Vac dressings expensive and may require hospitalised observation.

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This type of infection is mostly seen drug addiction of fortwin phenergan by iv route by self adminstration...Regular sterilize dressing with meaheal and placentrex ..

Thanku sir

Debridement plus antimicrobial under culture and sensitivity test ... It may be because of the chemical reaction of that drug give by the cannula.

This patient need debridement followed by dressing followed byskin cover either by skin graft or flap cover depending upon Pt comorbidities

Moreover if all aseptic precaution and hemostasis taken care of look for a septic focus elsewhere in the body. Often dental decay or UTI

Age?? Regular dressing with megaheal,tab oratil lz,vit c,zinc Check blood sugar levels,pus culture @ swaroop rai madam

Ok doc thanku. Pts age is around 60y/fem. K/c/o schizophrenia,hypothyroid,htn. All inv done,planned for debridement by plastic surgeon

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Don 1st blood test blood sugar imulogical diseases conform after Wound healing treatment line of dally dressing

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