Congenital kyphoscoliosis - diagnosis, treatment

12 year old girl with normal intelligence,, diagnosis?????



Severe degree of Kyphoscoliosis. Left side Nipple supernumerary. Left side PECTORALIS MAJOR ABSENT : Consistent with POLAND SYNDROME. Search for other Anomalies too. Karyotyping has to be worked up.

severe conginatal kypho scoliosis should take advise of good otho surgeon to prevent more deformity and other system complication

Congenital kyphoscoliosis with sprengels deformity

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kyphoscoliosis with supernumerary nipples....points towards congenital abnormalities... mainly Ehler danlos syndrome followed by mucopolysaccharidosis

Spinal deformity:-scoliosis with rickets with double nipped left.

Sprengels deformity with Klippel fiel syndrome and congenital scoliokyphosis

congenital kyphoscoliosis with extra nipple on lt side. thanks you for sharing this interesting case. can you share the X-rays?

conginetal kyphoscoliosis

congenital kyphoscoliosis

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