Continuous chest pain for 6 hours

Chief Complaint A 76 year old male presents with the complaint of continuous chest pain for 6 hours. The pain was mild initially which increased to 8/10 after 5 hours. History He has h/o myocardial infarction. Vitals VItals shows BP: 100/60 mmhg, Breaths: 23 breaths/min, HR: 120 bpm with dyspnea. Investigations ECG was done which shows elevation of ST-segment in leads I and aVL and depression of ST-segment in lead II, III, and aVF. Echocardiography shows significant pericardial effusion & ventricular hypertrophy. Treatment What is your opinion on the management?


Acute severe chest pain with ST elevation in lateral leads, corresponding leads of inferior wall shows ST segment depression It suggest lateral wall myocardial infarction Adv Cardiac enzymes Repeat ECG SOS angiography and angioplasty

Lateral wall mi Tapping of pericardial effusion as it is significant in amount and send for pathology. Cardiac marker May need angiography and accordingly treatment

It was lateral wall MI,was pt thrombolysed? Now the treatment part is Tab clavix AS 75/150 Tb Astin 80 mg HS Tb isordil 5 mg sl sos Tb tridon MR 35 mg bd Tb ranoza 500 mg bd Inj lmwh .6ml sc bd Tb anxit .5 mg HS. Tb hopace 5 mg od Tb metapro xl 50 bd Tb dytor 10 mg od

Case of post MI syndrome or dresser syndrome, an immune response. Can be treated with antiinflammatories like indomethacin or aspirin.

Ischemia failure are to be looked after first

Tapi g and investigate the fluid for possible pathology involved. Right sided enlargement ?


Myocardial infarction

Possibly due to mi Opinion of cardiologist 2decho tapping investigate

Tab Myonit sr-stat Loading dose Thrombolys Inj Nikoran with iv infusion

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