cough since 6 mths. No fever and cold. investigations are normal. comment on the x-ray



Thanks all of you. In my view chest X- RAY IS WNL .

Rule out hyperreactive air way disease Chronic sinusitis superimposed onAllergic rhinitis Wheeze Gerd

Prominent B V markings and some parenchymal haziness.Bronchiectasis may be considered.CT thorax should be done,besides routine blood test ,ESR,ppd,sputum for AFB at the least.

Xray is normal. History of allergy or wheeze is important.

Chest scan NAD.

Allergic. Bronchiti,x-ray normal

I think Cxr normal,except increased BV markings, it may be ?? hyperactive airways

Foreign body aspiration is another dd.The picture of x-ray is not good enough to comment on air trapping and hyperlucency.

X-ray is WNL.

Prominent Broncho Vascular Markings. Other than that, NAD.

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