Coughing, shortness of breath & on-off fever

36 years old male with complain of coughing, shortness of breath & on-off fever since 3 months. There is wheezing sound on coughing On Auscultation B/L air entry ++ wheezing ++ No other added sounds No signs of pneumonia On inquiry temperature max-100 F and usually 99F present all day Appetite reduced Bowel Constipated Micturation Normal Tongue coated Is this lower respiratory tract infection?




Dx probably Tuberculosis so advise patient for blood exam.,sputum test,x-rays . Rx Tuberculinum 1m/3dose weekly Ars alb 30/tds for 15 days

Good prescription

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सम्भवतः रोगी क्षय रोग से पीड़ित है। इस लिए पहले क्षय रोग संबंधी जांच कराएं।

Complete blood test advice For ama Amruthotaram kashayam 15 ml bf bd With Chukkatippilayadi gutika 1 Swasananda gutika 1 Kanakasavam + Amrutharishtam 20 ml Af bd Dhanwanthara gutika 1 Avoid refrigerator food

Rule out Pulmonary Koch's....advise sputum- Afb and gram stain....chest x Ray , ABG , CBC AND baseline ECG immediate...ask proper history of B asthma and COPD...Treatment depends on diagnosis...Admit the patient in ICU..patient is young so don't delay.

X-ray chest and CBC needed. Till then Tab.Dekofcyn 2-2-2 Tab.Septillin 2-0-2.

Guava figs apricots ginger carrots dates raisins pomegranates kalijeeri sprouts drumstick soup flaxseed walnuts blue berries sunshine walk decoction of ginger lemongrass haldi and crushed pepper

Ant tart 200 Doosara 200

Partially treated lower RTI ? Branchopneumonia Adv- CBC, Blood-Urea and Sugar,SGOT N SGPT X-ray Chest PA View, HRCT Thorax

Suspected case of Pulmonary TB ?

Sputum test Chest x-ray

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