COVID-19 or Sarcoidosis?

A 60-year-old male presented with cough and dyspnea. He is a known Sarcoidosis patient. He is on cortisol treatment for 6 months. New Chest CT shows multiple mediastinal lymph nodes, interstitial sarcoidosis findings, and Pleural thickening. Newly presented Chest CT is almost same. Additionally bilateral ground-glass densities. The question: Is it alveolar Sarcoidosis or COVID 19?




Bil posterior pleural thickening noted. Parenchymal destruction noted. Reticulonoduler densities favours Interstitial sarcoidosis. Bil GGos and Alveolar shadows seen. Findings favours bronchopneumonia with ARDS. Lesions are not typical that of covid 19 pneumonia. Only things favours to it, current epidemic On Immunosuppressive therapy Acute onset of symptoms And advanced stage lesions. Nneds swab test as RT PCR to confirm covid19 pneumonia.

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Recent ct suggest GGOs and pleural thickening In todays contest and aged pt c/o breathlessness should be investigated for covid19

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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In a known case of Sarcoidosis on steroids, the presented lung picture presents severe Lung involvement with destruction of lung parenchyma and ground glass infiltrates and active lung inflammation with alveolar involvement... Scadding Stage IV To rule out superimposed COVID infection can be ruled out with history and presentation and whether a pt belong to hotspot area or not.... Even if in doubt and in view of variable presentation of COVID-19, a RT-PCR for SARS-COV2 would be a judicial approach...

Favouring sarcoidosis But in present situation rull out covid 19

COVID 19. Needs further investigation and evaluation to rule out sarcoidosis and treatment plan.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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Sarcoidosis but present scinerio do covid19 test

As immunocompromised so in current situation should be investigated for corona

Saecoidosis with bilateral vonsolidations

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