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Updates 1 0.4% unfortunate deaths in covid infected pt who were vaccinated said to be due to delta variant suggest notorious behaviour of virus bypassing the immunity. It suggest though percentage is minimal but we need not be overconfident of immunity after vaccination. 2 80%people were found to be infected by delta variant in second wave as ICMR study suggests despite vaccination of one dose confirms at no point of time we can relax considering it's virulent mutants 3 promising data of REGDANVIMAB against delta is encouraging but yet in primitive stage and miles to go for availability and cost effective

Thanx dr Narendra Kumar

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Updates Delta variants is more dangerous for both vaccinated or unvaccinated people .4 % infected people died is a vary sad new covid 19 guildlines must be followed strictly and more people's Awareness is needed as protection. Regdanvimab monoclonal Antibody has a vary strong neutralizing activity against delta varient really a good news. A sad development that delta variant infected vaccinated people's upto 80 % . New vaccine is a need of the hour to counter the delta variant and further mutation of virus . Thanks for updating and sharing the current situation.

Thanks Dr Ved Prakash Singh

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Good morning and for daily updates 1-Delta variant is very much dangerous as vaccinated got infection and died due to Covid 19 pandamic .The number was 677 and that is about .4% .So we have take of our self and Covid -19 appropriate behaviour is strictly suggested. 2-Thats great if Regdanvimab monoclonal antibody is having strong neutralizing activity anginat Delta variant . 3-Delta variant is variant of danger as 80 % Vaccinated individual got infection but mortality was . Better vaccine is required to combat SARS-CoV 2 virus and Delta plus variant .

Nice information.. Useful information.. About 0.4% died of covid 19 after vaccination in delta-Hit India.. 86% vaccination... Delta variant infected 80% vaccinated Indians during covid second wave..ICMR study.. Vaccinated individuals was very low.. Regdavimab monoclonal Antibody treatment for covid 19 (CT-P59) demonstrate strong neutralising Activity against Delta variant... 100% survival rate with virus... Nice information uploaded... thanks doctor

Thanks doctor MD

Nice updates:All vaccinated persons or who taken one dose were infected by mostly delta variant (80%) who were infected during 2nd wave.But good news is that only 9.8 % were severe enough to hospitalised and mortality was very low ie only 0.4%.Another good news is Regdanvimab monoclonal antibody strong neutralizing activity against delta variant.

"DELTA-HIT INDIA" Now DELTA variant of COVID-19 in India is a established factor to think.As per ICMR report 80% vaccinated Indians were found infected by Delta variant during 2nd wave. Some study found it 86% .we may say 80 to 86% (approx ). It's good news that Regdanvimab Monoclonal Antibody (CT-P59) has strong neutralising activity against delta variant (100% survival rate with Virus). Thanks for today's updates.

Monoclonal antibodies they Due to Delta Plus Variant of COVID-19 CASE. They defuze the our antibodies that's name of Monoclonal . Dangerous of COVID-19 Variant ,also a alpha, beta, gamma then Delta Plus Variant. 3rd wave would very Dangerously Occur in India of COVID-19 Variant Delta . PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.



Nice updates about COVID -19. Thanks for sharing useful updates Sir

Thanks Dr Ved Prakash Singh Sir

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