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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put huge pressure on doctors and many of you are working Day & Night. So we have brought a Short Cut way for you to Stay updated with COVID related information. Watch this space for Daily Updates



Updates Post covid complications are daily reported after recovery from COVID 19 particularly respiratory and general weakness due to shortness of breath which needs oxygen support for days to feed. An another challange to medical fraternity. Nice active cases are decline on daily it's indications of some serious problem in near future so remain vigilant. Children's immunization and constant vigilance and analysis of the situation may be required to save our future and any eventuality in children cases. Nice informative and useful posts.

Thanks Dr Ved Prakash Singh

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Updates 1 post covid complications in Delhi 25 to30 in daily opd is alarming number and moreover requires oxygen support This suggest we must not be satisfied at outset discharge of pt as being recovered. No No it is a tip of iceberg as lung fibrosis is gr1 complication of post covid Hence steaming and spirometry is to be part of daily routine activities Yes oxygen concentrators are becoming an essential commodity in family to avoid the hospitalisation 2 Rising number of MUCORMYCOSIS in children in Mumbai another warning to health services as to review how much we are prepared to face this problem Howsoever surgeries are done at earliest are helping in recovery but still we are unaware of future outcome of it how the child is going to live with it 3 Active cases are dropping and recovery rate is rising good sign to suggest 2nd wave is on decline or we can say it is over now

Thanx dr Dinesh Gupta

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Nice information.. Useful information.. Cases of serious Post covid complications rise in delhi.. doctor handling covid 19 cases... Rising mucromycosis fungal infection case in children.. is viral infection.. Nice information Uploaded...

Thanks doctor

One more better and beautiful day of updated knowledge on day-to-day Covid-19 issues: 1) Post Covid-19 complications are very alarming for whole india and not only for Delhi. Patients are suffering from Post Covid-19 complications and syndromes everywhere across the country. Would recommend to organize Awareness Programs on these issues. Many Patients are being discharged from hospitals without proper guidance and advices. Patients should be given properly written notes on all the important and alarming sign and symptoms which should be addressed and Post Covid investigations. 2) Active cases are reducing every day, hence, vaccination drive should be increasing day by day. This is the biggest achievement to combat SARS-CoV 2 Pandemic. 3) Mucormycosis is alarming for all, precautions and care should be taken very seriously and post-covid symptoms should be not be ignored.

A thorough recovery and a pre-disease state of health can be achieved on adding individualized homoeopathic treatment. The importance of healthy lifestyle choices could have never been stressed more than present times to prepare the life for future.

Thank you Dr. Ved Prakash Singh and Dr. Md Altaf

Active cases of covid dropped now: good & hopeful news. Rising Mucormycosis(black fungus infection) in children in Mumbai: bad & negative news. Serious post covid complications rise in Delhi with burden to doctors: bad & negative news. Thanks for updated latest post on Corona .

Mucormycosis in children can be very serious problem

Nice updates:Active cases drop to below 16 lac,a good sign but post covid complications persisting a quite worrisome problems need treatment for many months and years to come.



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