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Updates Virtually all three updates are about covid19 variant delta's threat looming large over our country as ICMR informed about reinfection of delta variant was 86% amongst pts vaccinated As well as threat of 3rd wave or pandemic of delta variant in europe This all suggest this variant is not immune to vaccine given whichever it is bypassing a cause of concern

Thanx dr Md Altaf Hussain

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Updates. Very sad to know that 86% Vaccinated indian get infected by delta variant of COVID 19. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people's are infected by delta variant of COVID19 all over world 26 % more death in USA in unvaccinated people's is alarming so COVID appropriate behaviour and get vaccinated at earliest can be a weapon to fight and detailed study and research can be a benefit to save humanity. WHO has issued warning of 3 wave arrival in world and next 100 days are important for india because 3 wave strikes india in August be careful it can strick sooner or later in india we are inviting by not following protocols of COVID and competitively slow vaccination. Thanks for sharing information regularly.

Thanks Dear Hussain

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Yes , there's 3rd wave coming next month ,And COVID-19 Variant of Delta Plus ,so critical condition would also some disease like ,now SEVERE Seen Rainy season it's DIARRHEA, NAUSEA, VOMITING , LIVER DYSFUNCTION they are currently Seen. I'm Agree with @Md Altaf Hussain sir. Great and useful Update of 19th July

Thank you Doctor!

Monday Daily updates .. Great topics 1-86% of vaccinted got infection due to Delta variant of Covid 19 virus .That's why Delta variant and Delta plus variant should be taken care of . Vaccination is must for not 100% Safe .. People should take care of his Covid appropriate behaviour and Golden rule of Covid 19 . Please always take care in all situations weather vaccinted or unvaccinated . 2-Vaccine is saving life as unvaccinated are dying in USA due to Delta variant surge of wave .Go for vaccination rapidly . 3-3rd wave of Covid 19 pandamic is hitting Kerala and in next month of August end and Beginning of September are crucial time for Indian population .

Good updates: Vaccinated person who got infected even after vaccination 86% of them are infected by delta variant rather then others variant.But good news is they have only mild symptoms and mortality is only 0.4%.Bad news came from US that delta variant are affecting mostly still unvaccinated in US with upwards swing of mortality by 26%.Lastly India may be on verge of 3rd wave which hit India between August and October as per WHO.So keep fingers crossed and practice covid appropriate behaviours.

Nice information.. Useful information.. 86% of vaccination Indians.... nice information... 2 to 3 months will be crucial 3rd wave.... Nice information useful information uploaded... thanks doctor

Thanks doctor MD

Delta variant of COVID-19 is now the dominant strain worldwide including India & US, Mostly this variant infects unvaccinated persons with maximum % of deaths, 86% of vaccinated Indians were infected by Delta variant: ICMR study, Next 2 to 3 months will be crucial due to 3rd wave: WHO. Thanks for today's updates.

Sir Vaccination programme need to be intensified-BCG for Geriatrics as prevention from asymptamatic carriers .Preventive measures inpaediatric group is essential -Dr indira


Very informative and useful updates about COVID -19. Thanks for sharing useful information Sir

Thanks Md Altaf Husain

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