As India gears up for its COVID-19 immunization starting 16th January, here's a quick look at the facts of the recently approved COVISHIELD vaccine.



Indeed most viable vaccine for indian people and economy Seems to be truly POOR MEN'S VACCINE If we can vaccinate 2/3rd of our eligible population than herd immunity can be achieved We are proud to have our own weapon to fight

Thanx dr S Sen

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Most viable vaccine . Let's hope for the best. Finally we are heading towards herd immunity if more than 70 to 75 % population inoculated with two doses.

Thanks Dr Partha sarathi Sahana

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First time pandemic is manager and Documented. Vaccnation is big big programme but our experience in this matter also good so we can handle it Good luck.

Antibodies are found in the chimpanzees with viral vectors genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is important corona virus vaccine and this vaccine important others disease including respiratory problems etc

All lives are indespensable...and hundred percent effects without any side effects at the cost of the most important thing .coz more than anything orderliness and happy healthy life is required... thanks ji..

I am delighted to see the country has come out with a vaccine within the reach of common Indian. When it is freely available after the initial phase we can hope to achieve herd immunity. This could be one more step towards rising India.

Dear Friends As we all know that corona vaccine is rolling out and we are the one who are getting it first. As we know that Govt is providing it free to all the Frontline workers, this will lead to an extra economic burden on govt.when GDP is already down. As a responsible citizen We should take the initiative and donate atleast Rs 400 per dose in PM CARE FUND individually. It is purely my personal opinion & request to all members who agree with me. Jai Hind Dr Manish Anand Dehradun



Indeed very viable and cost effective vaccine for developing individual and eventually herd immunity. Lets hope for the best !

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