24yrs old male patient have itching on abdomen and buttocks since 3months..In between this..he is on iv fluid for loose motion..he scratches until it bleeds..now skin color changes to pinkish/whitish.. No h/o vitiligo, DM.....what should be the diagnosis??


For this leucoderma case as it is melanin deficiency or hypopigment disorder comes under psorosycotic miasmatic disease. Antipsoric like arsenic alb FL. Sulphur could be thought over.
As per the given brief It's post inflammatory hypo pigmentation , earlier dermatitis / taenia vet lead to this At prest it's vitiligo Also lots repignentation are seen suggesting on improving path So wait and watch Aloe Vera or some lotion to avoid dry / itchy area Sac lac should be given
Regards, my opinion is that it is twak vivarnta main symptom of krimi Riga better to give him krimijanya chikitsa internally and use sat shot ghrita 100gms and add2.5gms yashad bhasma,tankan bhasma 2.5gms,calamina powder 2.5 GMs mingled.apply locally for one month
Dx: Leucoderma Rx Bakuchi oil for L/A Tab. Gandhaka rasyana 125mg bd with honey Tab. Panchtikhtam mahakashayam 2tab bd Haridrakhanda 5gm with milk bd
Burn leucoderma dr smita treat this with alumina200 weakly as key medicine and asf 3x TDs and locally lukocare oint by ig,.
Why alumina sir

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This a type of leprosy T/t -Ars. Sulf flav.30 Sul . 200 weekly Graph . 30 Oint -Graph. L/A
Its Shwitra according to Ayurveda.... Its better if patient undergo Panchakarma Shodhan Chikitsa....
Leucoderma Start treatment with ars sulph flavum 6x bd Psoralea r Q for external application.
It is leucoderma. Sluphur 200 one time in suger of milk. And wachioil with ech. Q
Acid suph n acid nitric give them
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