17 years male.recuring mouth lesions.Was on Becosule capsule and mucopain oral gel. Also continued Itrocanazole and desloratidine for skin problems.Kindly tell is it stomatitis or aphthous ulcer.Why it repeats after a few days.Also he avoid nonspicey and hot food.T akes beverages.Please DX and Rx


RECURRENT APTHOUS STOMATITIS Tab.-Pantocid 40mg bd empty stomach Tab.-LIMCEE 500mg OD Tab.-Itraconazole 200mg bd Tab.-Antoxid 1 od CAP.-BECOSULE 2CAP. OD INJ.-VITCOFOL 2ml I/M Od alternate day hexydine mouth gargle twice a day cream-mucopan gel local apply.. Betamethasone sodium phosphate as a 0.5-mg tablet dissolved in 15 mL of water to make a mouth rinse, used 4 times daily for 4 minutes each time change tooth brush avoid tobacco chewing,,
He is not a tabbacco chewer not written anywhere in the case

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It is recurrent apthous stomatitis.. It repeats because it is associated with many factors...like stress ,trauma,nutritional deficiency,genetic predisposition. Increased suspitibility to RAS is seen among the patients of RAS positive patients. So etiology and precipitating factors both should be taken in consideration.
Recurrent apthous stomatitis Nitrous oxide softly touches over the ulcer present Immunosuppresent should add With antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, multivitamins, antioxidant with lycopene Tab. Vit c Od
Please take homoeopathy medicine permanently cure Mercsol 200/5globules morning and evening 1 dram
To avoid recurrency plz give him injection vitcofol or injection eldervit c,
I am agree wt you
@Dr. Ranjit Lenka -stomatitis
Thanks sir
Recurrent apthous stomatitis May be suffering from Xerostomia . Nowadays ,children are addicted to street foods ,(Chinese food stuffs )which mainly contains azinimoto . Such pts usually suffer from recurrent apthous stomatitis.
Dx-Stomatitis Rx--first cover vimn deficiency Like,Bcomplex(Tab-Becozyme c fort-1odx30 +vitamin C, +Metrogyl+Tab-Folvite+local apply -kenacort
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