12 yrs old boy complaining of d growth over his elbows since 6 months associated with occasional itching. Subsides on taking some medications and reappears.. Please suggest the Dx and Rx.

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Phrynoderma. Rx. 1. Vit A solution 2lakh IU ON D1 D2 and D14 followed by 25000Iu OD for 1mth. 2. Vit A rich foods such as carrots and papaya and milk and eggs, fish. 3. Topical moisturex cream appl twice daily. 4. Oral and topical EFA such as Rekfa containing linoleic and linoleinic acids such
Thank you so much sir
Phrynoderma.oral aquasal a od 3months.Topical salicure 12% mix with cotaryl.
Folicular hyperkeratosis -phrynoderma Rx vitamin A., & Multivitamins
@Dr. Ipsita Panigrahi -phrynoderma
Phrynoderma vit A deficiency
Follicular hyperkeratosis
May be phynoderma
May be phynoderma,
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