DCLD patient alcohol related came with fever with distended abdomen; interpret cxr; how to manage ; what can be the cause of fever

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3 most common causes of fever in DCLD patients -Pneumonia/UTI/ Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis if ascites present; this patient had UTI with transudative pleural effusion

UTI common.. !? Reason mam..

Right sided moderate pleural effusion. DCLD cases, Immunocompromised, gets TB Pleural Effusion more frequently than open population.

Rt sided effusion , with abdominal distension . Chronic alcoholic with DCM ,rt sided effusion and may have ascites..Immunocmpromized .So rule out infection both bacterial and TUBERCULOUS. CBC ESR , Sputum for AFB ,CBNAAT and LFT and diagsnostic tapping of pleural fluid.

Pl. Effusion Rt side. (?reactionary) R/o Liver abscess

Pleural effusion Rt. Side.

Its a case of pleural effusion.

Looks like sub-pulmonic effusion. Rule out liver abscess if any by doing USG upper abdomen.

Rt sided pleural effusion.

RT plural effusion ask for CBC ESR Blood SUGAR HIV Sputum for AFB CBNNAT Mountux test TB Gold

Rt pleural effusion is common in dcld .

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