Hernia inguinal

Dear curofy doctors plz share your expert advice A male patient 39 years old has complain swelling in lower abdomen at inguinal area .when i examine it its reducible on lying down and generate impulse on cough .it may be inguinal hernia my probable diagnosis. This swelling is occour only 15 days. Is it treatable with medicine?or only surgery is option .pt past history plural effusion last 10 years back full treatment taken.



Dx: Inguinal hernia as suspected by you. Causation can be heavy lifting, heavy machinery operating, heavy exercises and anything that may be straining abdominal muscles. Rx: Homoeopathic medicinal treatment along with lifestyle modification as per need of the case. Avoiding constipation, tiny and frequent meals. Avoiding heavy exercises and lifting heavy things. In case no proper homoeopath is available, the next beat option is going for surgery.

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If reducicable inguinal hernai Pt can wait Otherwise herniotomy with mesh Avoid lifting heavy wt Cough Straining at stool

Yes it is ingunal hernia , our homeopathic medicines are effective for such cases.

Get usg abd and pelvis done sir.check for hernia


Send image Adv usg

HERNIA no need think for treatment Ad for surgery

शल्य चिकित्सक से परामर्श करें।

Only surgery

Ract pitt sheet pitt h. U acidh

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