Today we will discuss about DENTAL CARIES.. ALSO KNOWN AS TOOTH DECAY OR CAVITY. Dental carries means "Rotten teeth". "Parmanently damaged area in teeth that devlop in tiny holes. Decay result from the action of Bacteria that lives in PLAQUE , Dental carries is a localised, progressive demineralization of the hard tissue of the crown and root surface of the teeth. STAGES OF DENTAL CARRIES STAGE 1- INITAIL DEMINERALIZATION STAGE 2- ENAMEL DECAY STAGE 3- DENTIN DECAY STAGE 4-PULP DAMAGE STAGE 5- ABCESS STAGE 6- TOOTH LOSS. Physical Examination Toothache aggravated by taking sweets. Cold item Visible hole in the teeth Sensitivity to hot and cold Inflammation of gums Discoloration of teeth. Diagnosis Bacteria, acid ,food debris and saliva combined in the mouth to form a sticky substance called PLAQUE that adhere to teeth, just above the gum line on all teeth plaque that not removed mineralize into tartar. Plaque begin to accumulate within 20 mnt after eating. The acid in the plaque dissolve enamel surface and create hole in the teeth Management TREATMENT I) CHEMICAL MEASURE (silver nitrate etc II) NUTRITIONAL MEASURE (avoid sweets and carbs, avoid cold drink maintain oral hygiene, avoid fast food etc.) III) MECHANICAL MEASURE (Dental filling) ROOT CANAL TREATMENT

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