On the basis of only few symptoms mostly dr says take this med 30 or 200,dose how you decide?

No clinical practice or experience should make a homeopathic physician prejudiced. He should never and must I say NEVER fall to this delusion. He must always follow the directions and always take each case as new and not from his experience based prejudice. He who remains UNPREJUDICED can ONLY be the TRUE PRACTITIONER OF THE HEALING ART.
Ya dr mehga says right... On the clinical practice base n , on the bases on physical presenting complain which can directly indicate the medicine...
On basis of the clinical practice...
This query opens answers in different angles..... 30'th potency is considered as the medium potency. While 200'th potency is a slightly high potency. Cases with Physical level or more common or particular symptoms --Medium potency indicated. Not well proven medicines are best prescribed in medium potency to avoid unwanted < . . Cases with very few mental or physical generals 200th potency can be administered. One sided diseases with physical symptoms eg : long standing diarrhoea or headache -- to avoid distressing accessory symptoms of medicine 30 or 200 can be selected as mentioned above.
First of all medo. Is nosod so it can not easily prescribe in lower potency like 30 . Although if we hv only few symptoms of ptnt n from them we are residing the ptnt in psychotic miasum only then we can prescribe medo to cut off the miasmatic load .

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