Blistering rash for last 6 days, seeking painkillers. Dx..


He has a sever infection around the right eye , he must get Augmantin + pain killer, but I recommend to refer him to the emergency to get more invistigations Thankx for sharing
It's herpes zoster ..should be treated with Acivir Dt 800 mg six hourly for 5 days and local herprex ointment should be applied ..pain killers like GABA neuron be given will recover . Post herpic neuralgia may be a complication ..!!
Thanks everyone for your kind & valuable opinion. Suspecting HZO, referred the patient to Medicine & Eye consultants on very same day.
Diagnosis please sir

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Herpes zoster opthalmicus trt with anti viral oral tabs and cream to d skin affected​ nd acyclovir eye ointment nd lubricant.
Varicella zoster opthalmicus Herpes simplex Vesicobullous lesions Shingles rashes Insect bite (honey bee)
Furuncle is the first thing that came to my mind. I havent seen much cases of HZ. What is the diagnosis sir?
@Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana -herpes zoster opthalmicus
herpes zoster opthalmicus treated with acyclovir/ famcyclovir and oint.
Allergic blisters from Unknown insects bite? May be
Herpes zoster ophthalmic division of trigeminal nerve
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