diagnosis and treatment?? is it gingival polyp!??



dr Rakesh and dr nikhi are right

check occulsion it might be due irritation from lower anteriors. . .

it can be a polyp....but also a enlargement due to trauma by lower incisors.....or inflammation due to poor hygiene....i usually see it when retractin anterior segment during ortho treatment....mainly voz of lower incisors

ohk.. then how can i treat it.. i used to cauterize such cases earlier but have no cautery now.!??

cauterization would be a great option though but even excision would suffice up

i think its high labial frenum attachment because having diastema and it get irritate by any reason it may be

how long it is suffering from !

Gngivl polyp cnt create diastema..it cld b high frnm out grwth..vch due to poor oral hygiene n vd cnstnt irritatn vd lwr inciscors hd leads to inflmtn..a smpl frectomy fllowd by otho trmnt or gvng crown to both d incisors cld solve d prblm..

yes its high frenal attachment frenectomy is the choice

Ok thank u doctors...

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