diagnosis...?....OS ..vn plpr....1 yrs...no any trauma history...



Looks like coloboma iris with uveitis n cataractous changes secondary to retinal detachment

Looks like Microphthalmus, coloboma of iris, Uveitis, Retinal detachment

To me it looks like the dislocated lens in the anterior chamber

Intumescent cataractous lens, shallow AC with iris coloboma?

Absorbed cataract dislocated into anterior chamber

seems to be dislocated lens

Dislocated Lens in A C

Dislocated lens in AC

Answer Dr.Amok ????

Inferior cornea shows an epithelial defect and cornea is hazy peripherally from 10 to 2o' clock meridian. Glow seen through the pupil in the centre. Is it iridodialysis with RD or dislocated cataractous lens

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