Diagnosis??? Patient present with inflammation in anterior and posterior region.


Gingival hyperplasia Poor dental hygiene resulting in bacterial plaque, gingivitis and periodontitis Smoking, mouth breathing and overcrowded teeth. Systemic diseases especially diabetes, HIV infection, Scaling Tab ciplox -tz bd. For 5 days Tab .ebilty...bd Cap. Omez. Bd Chek past medical history,

It can be drug induce

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Drug induced gingival enlargement medical drug history to rule out like if pt is taking any antieplitic drug phenytion scaling needed plus cholhexidine mouthwash

Gingival hyperplasia Oral prophylaxis Currettage Maintain oral hygiene Proper brushing technique Mouthwash Opg Check inflammation Pocket enlargement persist Gingivectomy

43 is in cross bite.. spacings present.. Calculi present.. Go for SRP.. Local drug delivery ( tetracycline ).. Metron, chx, and gum astringent ( gumex )..

Not drug induced

Rule out any medical n drug history... Advice scaling... Local applications ....n Multivitamins are helpful...

Drug induced gingival hypertrophy oral prophylaxis n through curettage proper maintenance is required

Lukng as drug induced gingival hypertrophy...generalised.. Any history??

Take a proper history of Pt. Advice opg & check bone loss. Clinically Look for periodontal pockets. Start with oral prophylaxis (SRP). Advice Pt proper brushing technique, CHX mouthwash and warm saline rinses. Follow up every week for 2 weeks. Check for the inflammation, pockets, enlargement still persist go for gingival surgery.

It looks like drug induced gingival hypertrophy

It's drug induced any history ?