Doctors choice for a patient..

A patient aged 34yrs came to mewith complaints of severe abdominal pain, radiating to shoulder blade... Bloated abdomen and burning in epigastrium with agonising pains.. She was very restless and felt dizzy due to constant pains.. Several episode of vomitting followed by Nausea and headache.. Feverish with shivers.. B. P.-104/68mmhg R. R. - 86/min Pulse-114/min IMMEDIATELY SUGGESTED TO HAVE A USG DONE.. REPORTS revealed fully contracted gall bladder with multiple GB CALCULI (largest 23mm) & oedema Hepatomegaly.. Intestine obscured with gases.. I suggested to go for CHOLECYSTECTOMY... PATIENT SHARED THE PICTURE OF THE STONES EXTRACTED FROM GB AFTER REMOVAL..


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