Dosage of Zinc/day?I want to give VitC+ Zinc, in my Iron Deficiency Anemia patients

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Excessive Zinc can cause anemia by preventing copper absorption. No need to take vitamic C capsule either. Ask the patient to take the iron pill with a glass of nibu pani

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) quantities of zinc have been established for boys and men age 14 and older, 11 mg/day; women 19 and older, 8 mg/day; pregnant women 14 to 18, 13 mg/day; pregnant women 19 and older, 11 mg/day; lactating women 14 to 18, 14 mg/day; lactating women 19 and older, 12 mg/day. Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (UL) of zinc for people who are not receiving zinc under medical supervision: adults 19 years and older (including pregnancy and lactation), 40 mg/day. The typical North American male consumes about 13 mg/day of dietary zinc; women consume approximately 9 mg/day. Different salt forms provide different amounts of elemental zinc. Zinc sulfate contains 23% elemental zinc; 220 mg zinc sulfate contains 50 mg zinc. Zinc gluconate contains 14.3% elemental zinc; 10 mg zinc gluconate contains 1.43 mg zinc.

Zinc10 mg to 40 mg 20 is ideal Vitc 65 to2000 mg per day

Iron medicine reduce zn store Give40 mg per day zn

10 mg /day..

DAILY.. UPTO .. 20 MG ..


10 mg/kg per day

8-11 mg / day

20mg daily adults

Zing 8-11 mg for adult Vit C 100-2000 mg for adult

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