Hai doctors... This is a case of hair loss... patient suffering from 5 months... took allopathy treatment but did not get improvement... Patient is healthy. . Appitite good... Good sleep... No tensions... No dandruff... No Thyroid problems... Occasionally constipation .... Hair loss on slight pull.... More at the time of head bath... Please give your valuable prescription to treat this case in any system of medicine with out side effects... Thank you drs.




Definately it is Alopecia But if the hairs are losing in specific area then it must be alopecia areata I have treated many patients of alopecia areata without using any steroids or any heavy medications Just with the simple procedure of ayurveda Called " PRACHHHANA " i have modified in some ways by adding negative vaccume pressure in this Till thèn Stop soap or shampoo For one week pt should apply cocconut oil at night Then clean and dry Avoid milk products in diet

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Hair Loss ~ Alopecia. Rx Ustilago , Jaborandi 0 , one Times Massege. *Abdomen Problem After Hair Loss * Lyco 200. * Chronic Disease Case History After Hair Loss * Selenium 30.

Dear Dr. Alapati Vijay Kumar Sir, Advice for the case. Advice for Lekhan Karma with Parijat patra. Apply daily use Dhattur Patradi Tail.

Dear Dr. Alapati Vijay Kumar Sir, Advice for the case. Advice for lekhan karma with Parijat Patra. Apply Dhttur Patradi tail.

Jaborandi tincture for massage in hair With constitutional remedy U can give Nat mur 1m dose

Dx Alopecia areata Rx Graphitis 1 m 3dose weekly Natrum mure 30 tds for 15 days

Need more constitutional symptoms to reach remedy but start with lyco 200

Ustiligo 200. Jaborandi Q

Hair Loss... Alopecia...

Rx Sepia 200

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