Dx?. a 45 yr old male came to me for this type of lesions since 6 months. severe itching. sometimes burning. unable to do work properly. Farmer by occupation. . taken allopathic treatment but recurring now. no any history of major illness. . possible AYUSH management.



ICD... So,he a chemical handler- detergent dyes fertillizer soil Start wth Nux PETRO TAMU.SULPH...TUB... (Atrophy...dirty hands).because these Illiterate guys are all ADDICTS crave PORN & NONVEG

Tab Purim 2 tds (Himalaya)&Kum Kumadi Taila Locally 1 month ;Triphala powder 4 gms at night with milk 1 month Pathya &apathya should be taken care Review after 1 month

Dx hast dari tx mahatiktaka Ghrut 1tsf bd,panchatikta ghrut guggulu bd,amrutadi gugulu bd,aarogyavardhini vati 1 hs

@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. agree with Dr.Sanjay Kumar Mallick.

Graphitis - 200 single doge Helpful medicine

Sulphur 1m start Petroleum 30 10dsys

Agree. Given him sulphur 200 single dose.

Graphitis , sulphur , Helpful I think

Contact dermatitis

Graphites 200 .

No doubt ....sulphur works better.....but as he is farmer so externally he will always in contact wid external environment..... So GRAPHITIS also in support can work best.... Sulphur - 200..+ Graphitis - 200....OD... Graphitis Gel (external ointment wid properly clean hand at sleep time....rub till absorbed).... Follow up - 2 weeks...

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