Dyspnea on exertion

A 60 year old female presented to OPD with complaints of breathlessness of recent onset only on exertion or doing any physical work History No history of HTN and DM Vitals BP - 130/90 PR - 48/min Investigations ECG, CXR and 2D Echo attached Management Trial of Dytor Plus 10 and Telma 40 gave patient significant relief. Kindly give your valuable opinion on this case about further course of disease and the line of management


X reveals fibrosis & cavity rt upper & mid zone lt upper lobe also reveals fibrotic changes. Ecg too reveals t inversion in precardial leads.she has cardiac ischemic element But pulmonary problem needs immediate attention .she needs HRCT chest pl go for lab investigations to rule out pulmonary tuberculosis. Sputum for afb routine sputum test & tb gold test

Valuable opinion

Cardiomegaly Lt axis deviation Incomplete rbbb T wave in anterior lead mild tr streak in rt midzone significant of pulm kochs calcified hilar cbnat rt PCR clia

Pulm koch.s pulmonary hypertension needs CECT for left paratracheal and apical opacity

In this xray Cardiimegaly in Rt. Side with tapering border of Rt.side with enlarge mediastinum space with Lt. Side opacity seen near carina with in left side near 2nd & 3rd ribs middle shows calcification Some thoracic vertebrse shows ankylosis spondylosis feature So we have to go for HRCT for further treatment and management

old bilateral reticular shodoe rt lower lobe collabss rt pul artery prominent trachea pulled to rt

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