this disease occur to a female 1 year baby 15 days ago which disease is this im confusing about


Dr Nasreen, is fluctuation present? If signs of acute inflammation like warmth, tenderness, redness and swelling are present think of an abscess.( calor/ rubou/ dolor/ tumor& functio leseo....) Pl order for an ultrasound to confirm. Hematoma is also a possibility. Don't forget to find out if the swelling gets tense and prominent when the child cries, this will rule out a communication with the intracranial compartment. if the diagnosis of an abscess is confirmed then the child needs an I&D. Please do take the help of a surgeon. If there are multiple such abscess then child may go in for sepsis. Do update on this case.
Cystic swelling over Rt. PARIETAL region, extending 2 cm x 1cm. Meticulous History is important before attempting I/D. R/O CONGENITAL LESION first. Dx : DERMOID ( INFECTED ) MRI BRAIN TO R/O CNS INVOLVEMENT.
Abscess, advised I & D.
Abscess. I& D.
By look it is an abscess and needs I n D 1 year child has very less chance of intracranial connection being normal till 1year
Abscess.....due to klebsiella....cause of inscect bite... take a x-ray and drain..
Look like abcess but r/o menigomylocele b4 I/d
Abscess.. incision and drainage .. Antibiotic
Abscess required surgical drainage
history baby is important.
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