Premature graying of Hairs with Dandruff

24 year/M complaint of premature greying of hairs since 6 months Hairfall Patient used to travel a lot for his studies Dandruff- white color Excessive itching more when skips bathing Appetite, thirst- normal Desire- smoking, sweets Aversion- sour things Milk causes diarrhea Stool- constipation Urine- normal Thermals- hot Patient is very competitive, ambitious Calm, composed emotional likes company good memory Suggest treatment Doctors



palitya pitta shamak chikitsa really works in palitya, praval pishti, amla chooran, bhringraj choran, mukta pishti, avipattikar churan, shatavari chooran etc Dandruff my successful treatment for dandruff 1)dharunaka taila(vaidyarathnam)application 2)wash hair with psoralinsoap r triphal kwathachurna kashaya r scurfol lotion(atrimed) 3)internally manibadra lehya 0-0-2tsp with hot water
Dear Dr. Aditya Koul Sir, Advice for the case. Advice to avoid salty food . Use Neelibhrungadi tail daily for hair. Wash hair with Amla, shikakai and ritha quatha twice in a weak. Advice for Gau Ghruta Pratimarsha Nashya.
Phosphorus is indicating, think about it. Most of the symptoms like traveling, intelligent, ambitious, hair fall covered by this medicine
For premature graying of hair best tail-Bhrngamlakyadi tailam For dandruff -dhurdhurpatradi thailam Lavan ras varjya Koshn JAL seven
Do you prefer keeratailam ie coconut oil based or tila taila based Doctor??
thuja 200 TDS fr dandruff Acid phos 30 weisbaden 200 Arnica+jaborandi+thuja hair oil nd shampoo sbl effective reaults in 1mnth
Acid phos, Lyco, Weisbaden should be given in 200 dilution in alternation, every week for about 6 months.
Palitya Neelibhirgadi tail Amalaki rasayan Bhringraj pnchang churna Moha shampoo Avipittikar churna
Dx Palitya Rx 1. Neelibhringadi Tail 2. Amlaki rasayan 3. Bhringraj vati 4. Moha Shampoo (Charak ph.)
Phos may work i think...some where phos covers the totality.. except thermal...
Dhurdhurapatradi tailam Kuntalkanti tailam Keshkuntal vati Avipattikar churan
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