Please tell about role of anticoagulant in COBID-19

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Disseminated Intra Vascular Coagulation ( DIC) is now recognized as a complication of COVID 19. Some of the cases of " pneumonias " may be because clots in lungs. Myocardial infarction is well known with COVID . This is due to acute and overwhelming sepsis and cytokine storm . In many cases of severe COVID, D Dimer levels are quite high. The role of anticoagulation in COVID is being evaluated. LMWH is being tried when D Dimer levels are high, in some centers.
Very important step as day in &day out reports are pouring in and rising incidences of myocarditis in covid19 as a result of thromboembolism suggest earliest anticoagulants like Low molecular heparine is proving helpful in saving life As italian study has published their work