World No Tobacco Day | 31st May 2020

Millions of people pay with their lives each year by using Tobacco products. We need to empower youth to change this culture. World No Tobacco Day is an annual event that is observed on May 31st. Let's celebrate it and make a change!


My father was chronic bidi smoker like chain smoker most of time due to cough with suffocation some time he nearly fall down but we use to handle that has impacted my mind but good friend circle has helped to stay away seeing effect of chronic smoker with hrct report i am shocked but factual in air 2 to6 ciggarette smoke inhale in air stay away stay safe safe distance from smoking
Cigrette is a roll of papper with fool at one end and fire at other end
We need more strong rule then the present COTPA act
Need more restrictions/advertisements
It should be implemented...
Anti Tobacco Day 31 May.
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