25yr M came for viral infection o/e chest seen as in pict o/h it is since birth identify or describe the chest. pt is feverish normal bp no n/o of cough and chest is clear heart s1s2 .

Pectus excavatum Congenital chest deformity Association with congenital heart disease Mostly OS ASD
Rickets resulting deformed chest. Pectum excavating
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Pectum. Excavating..... May. be due. to. Rickets...
Thank. U.. Sir.. good morning..
Pigeon chest maybe due to rickets
Pigeon chest due to rickets
Congenital pigeon chest
Pectus excavatum .
Pectus excavatum
Funnel chest
Pectus excavatum
Pigeon chest.
Thank. A. Lot... Sir
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