pt has lobulated hard swelling in relation to 6,7 in 3rd quadrent since 2 days no pain whats d diagnosis


This looks like a Simple bone cyst or Solitary bone cyst which has scallops around the tooth roots and is pain less.So Check for vitality of associated 6n7. Please mention chief complaint and age of Patient as this occurs mostly in mandible of younger age . D/d OKC, giant cell lesion,ameloblastoma etc
He is if painless, without history of pain, fracture, trauma,caries, antibioma etc then it can be bony cyst..CBCT for better imaging and extent of lesion.

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Hai The OPG is not very clear , what is the radio opaque material right below 37.? Looks like a fracture of the lower border of jaw .!
yes, even I too doubted that

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pt age 22 m no h/o trauma smoking gutka chewing
Fracture of the angle mandible.infected cyst
Could b antibioma
may be u r right
please start the patient on antibiotics as some radiolucency is visible in the OPG in relation to 38 .If the patient does not respond then investigate further.
Hi Doctor' check the vitality with 6 n7 seems to be periapical abcess. radiopaque thing is overlap image of styloid process its not a fracture.
37 distally below contact caries c.e. p.a.inf. pop? radio opacity from 46 to 35 # ?
plz share some more, history,habits. clinical pics and o/e
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