28 years old primi at 37 weeks with gestational hypertension Chief Complaints Bilateral leg edema since 4 months gestation History First high BP detected at 36.3 weeks of 150/ 90 mmHg. Vitals At admission BP 144/90 mmHg. Per abdomen uterus 30-32 weeks relaxed liquor reduced. FHS 150/ min. Bishop's score 3. Urine protein nil Physical Examination Bilateral leg edema upto knee joint and abdominal wall edema. Investigations Hb; platelet count ; RFT; LFT; Fundus all within normal limits. Diagnosis Pt delivered by Caesarean section in view of thick 2 kg..well. Mother developed GTC convulsion after 24 hrs which continues as status epilepticus. BP 140/90 mmHg. Urine protein nil. Given MgSO4 ..lorazepam..levetiracetam..and pt intubated and shifted to ICU Management Kindly share your valuable opinion. Thanking you



Typical POSTPARTUM ECLAMPSIA Needs extreme care for hypertension and fits Watch for complications

Thanks Dr. Anil Gangani, Dr. Kute Ankush, Dr.Dinesh Gupta, Dr. Pushker Bhomia

Post Partum Eclampsia I think, you have done fine. She should recover well with antihypertensives, Mag Sulfate and Supportive treatment. All the best.

Eclampsia patient developed GTCs followed by status epilepticus after 24 hrs. I HOPE SHE RECEIVED THE FULL DOSE OF MgSO4 and other supportive therapy. Most probably PRES. Suggest MRI brain and EEg.Furtger management after MRI brain

eclampsia Rx Punarnavashtak qwath BD Galo ghan 1week

Add diuretic.. Nuro Physician opinion must be asked for.


The drug of choice to treat and prevent eclampsia is magnesium sulfate. Familiarity with second-line medications phenytoin and diazepam/lorazepam is required for cases in which magnesium sulfate may be contraindicated (eg, myasthenia gravis) or ineffective

Adv MRI brain with venography Plan EEG.

Pregnancy induced hypertension Tab chlorthiazide od Keep limbs in elevated position Keep patient under observation

Get MRI brain with MRV Rule out CVT, PRESS, Start midazolam infusion, if possible get bed side continuous EEG, Neurology opinion for NORSE.

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