Young girl. Growth after ear piercing.? Keloid Please suggest proper management


try to avoid surgery bcoz of recurrence chances. better to give intralesional triamcinolone and hyalase injection weekly. very gud results in this size keloid. but this take long time
surgical removal but recurrency rate is very high even after recurrency it may be more large. after surgical removal consult to any good homeopaith,homeopathy medicine has good result to prevent recurrency of keloid.
dr would you plz tell treatment in your system
Large size of keloid surgery needed avoid recrrence wth light radio therapy.
excision followed by low dose radiotherapy, due to its recurrence nature..
Keloid.but den surgical if u remove chances of recurrence r high.
Low dose radiotherapy

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large keloid rt pina rx accordingly with excision & skin graft.
very large keloid.excision and full thickness graft might help
What are the chances of recurrence
Excision c low dose radiotherapy
Intralesional steroids repeated over a few months. I generally excise and hand over to Homeopath to administer Graphitis. And Silicea. Didn't try Ayurveda Unani or Siddha.
in ayurvrda we tried ksharsutra ligation. 2_3 settings. and then agnikarma to wound site. it has very low reccurance rate.
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